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Combining Part I and Part II of our CCNA Study Guide, you will have complete coverage of the latest CCNA Exam versions, 640-801 -OR- 640-811 and 640-821.


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Part I - CCNA Quick Reference Chart (Laminated Hard Copy Foldout):
Table of Contents:
1 OSI Model 6 IP Routing
2 LAN Switching 7 Virtual LAN (VLANs)
3 Ethernet 8 Novell IPX
4 IP Addressing 9 Access Lists
5 Cisco Router Basics 10 Wide Area Network (WAN)
Appendix A Appendix A
Debugging Basic VLAN Configuration
Cabling Practice Lab
CCNA Certification Study Guide Part 1
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OSI & Cisco Three-Layer Hierarchical Model Excerpt

Debugging Excerpt

OSI & Cisco Three-Layer Hierarchical Model Debugging
Part II - CCNA 640-801 Extension (PDF File):
Table of Contents:
1 Managing the Cisco 2950 switch 8 Variable Length Subnet Mask (VLSM)
2 Rapid STP 9 Classless and Classful Routing
3 STP/VTP Configuration 10 Network Address Translation (NAT)
4 Wireless Communications 11 SONET
5 Link-State Routing Protocols 12 ATM
6 EIGRP - OSPF 13 Analog Modems
7 Route Summarization 14 Digital Line Subscriber (DSL)
CCNA Certification Study Guide Part 2

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