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In the Cisco CCNA exam, IP addressing and subnetting questions can be difficult and confusing. However, don’t let that dicurrege you from studying this part of the CCNA exam, as it an important piece of knowledge you will need at work. In this article we will illustrate in details how to derive the subnet addres, broadcast address and IP host range for a tipical network design question from the CCNA exam.

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For a given IP address and mask, answer the following:
  1. What is the subnet IP address?
  2. What is the broadcast IP address?
  3. What is a valid range for a hosts IP addresses?

Don’t let the given IP addres confuse you, it is simply one of the hosts IP Addresses of this subnet. Later on, we will find the whole range of host IP addresses for this subnet.

Step1: Line up and convert the given IP address and mask to binary, see section A and B,
Note: The first Octet if the given IP address indicate it is a class B address; we know that in class B mask, the first two octets are set to 1. Therefore we conclude that the bits of the third octet and bit number 7, 6, 5 and 4 of the fourth octet are borrowed from the host portion of this class C address to be used for subnetting, see section A.
Step 2: Turn OFF all the host bits (set them to 0) to get the subnet IP address, see section C.

Step 3: Turn ON all the host bits (set them to 1) to get the broadcast IP address, see section D.

Step 4: The valid host IP address range is the list of IP addresses between the subnet address and the broadcast address. See section E.
Note: The given IP address ( falls within the host range we found in Step 4.
IP Addressing and Subnetting
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